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USACC offers a number of services:

Management: The management team at USACC includes Sardar and Yaqub Roshan. The team possesses significant and extensive experience in identifying and implementing projects in every geographic region of Afghanistan.

Training: The president of USACC has a long a distinguished history in training in Afghanistan. Sardar Roshan was founder and director of the USAID funded Manpower Training Program (MTP) from 1989 to 1991. MTP was a sub project of the Afghan Education Sector Support Project of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. MTP was a vocational training program that trained thousands of young Afghans in trade skills required for the post war reconstruction of Afghanistan. MTP included junior college level education in Office Management for men and women in its program.

From 1991 to 1992, Sardar Roshan was the Minister of Education for the interim government of Afghanistan before he accepted an ambassadorship to Pakistan. As Minister of Education, he revived primary and high school level formal education programs throughout the refugee camps and liberated areas for hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren.

Based on this experience and history within the country, USACC has ample access to training materials as well as faculty. USACC is exclusively qualified in providing a broad spectrum of educational services in Afghanistan, particularly vocational training.

These projects have been funded by organizations that include USAID, UNDP, WFP, FAO, FGO, UNOPS and UNHCR. With the establishment of USACC the projects conducted will be expanded throughout the country both geographically and quantitatively.

Security: USACC has an extensive network of contacts within the Afghan population and more importantly, has high-level contacts in the Afghan government. This variety of associations permits members of USACC to work within Afghanistan with less risk than most other organizations. USACC has gathered extensive knowledge of conducts and interrelations of tribes and ethnic groups within Afghanistan and has developed personal and friendly relations with local and political leaders. USACC is capable of moving throughout Afghanistan and implementing projects effectively and relatively safely throughout the country.

Engineering and Other Services: USACC has partnerships with companies both within Afghanistan and in the United States, which provides the firm with abilities well beyond its own specialties. The partnerships will allow USACC to customize its capabilities to meet many different challenges it may face while working in Afghanistan.

In the U.S., USACC is partnered with SYSAN, a U.S. based engineering and construction firm specializing in vertical construction. SYSAN is a self-contained construction, construction management, architectural and surveying firm. SYSAN has access to skills and resources that encompass road construction, water supply and sewer and sanitation systems. SYSANís executives are Afghan-Americans with more than 20 years of experience in commercial and residential construction. They are dedicated in using their skills to promote the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Afghanistan through USACC. Along with the partnership, USACCís President, Sardar Roshan is also senior member of SYSANís board.

USACC also has a partnership with US based General Physics Corporation (GP), an international performance improvement firm. GPís specialty is providing workforce training services and technical services for government and commercial organizations. GP is a single source provider of performance improvement products and services with nearly 40 years of experience in industries important to the future of Afghanistan. GPís ability to train a workforce in almost any technical field and USACCís ability to work in Afghanistan makes for a very effective team. With these capabilities, we can provide training as widespread as trade skills to advanced engineering and plant operations and maintenance.

Construction Hardware: In a country such as Afghanistan where the infrastructure has been almost completely destroyed simple things such as obtaining basic construction equipment can become a threat to any project. Through its contacts, USACC has access to heavy and light construction equipment for use throughout the country. At short notice, USACC is able to provide any client with a list of what is available and under what type of conditions.



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